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Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

There is still a little pile of unused art supplies on my desk from the sponsors at the USk Symposium — among them a silver box of assorted Cretacolor pencils. I was particularly interested in one called Nero extrasoft, because it’s an oil-based charcoal that is water-resistant. It doesn’t have that scratchy feeling that charcoal does when you draw with it. In fact it’s very creamy and extra black, and it really only smudges when you push it around with your finger on the paper. From the bit of research that I did the pencils come in different hardnesses which would probably give you a sharper line than I achieved here, but I really like the inky blacks that you can get. I may have to try it using a simple contour line and a light wash to see what that gives me.


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